Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Day 1

This is my first post. To be honest, I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of having my thoughts available on the internet. I have kept a journal since junior high and it has always been an enormously private thing. The thought of anyone reading it makes me nauseous.

So why have a blog? My mother once told me that she read an article that said anyone who writes a journal actually has a desire for it to be read. I thought this was a little presumptions, but I guess I always have some sort of audience in mind when I'm writing in my journal. Right? Otherwise I wouldn't care about spelling or coherence or paragraph development. And I totally do.

Well here it is: my first attempt at the public sphere. Boring, perhaps, but I'm just warming up.


Blogger ASSi said...

here you have some audience ;)


I just updated my blog and clicked on the random-blog button which showed your site then

by the way: Boston is a good place to keep a blog - I live in Somerville and my blog is not really like a diary for myself but for my friends and my family to keep them informed about my 6 months internship here :)

merry christmas!


1:40 PM  
Blogger Catapult K said...

boston is a great place to do almost anything, i think!

it's still a little weird to know someone can read what i wrote, but i suppose i should get used to it. otherwise, what's the point?

merry christmas!

6:17 AM  

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